Dmitry A. Zaitsev .

Software and Models

Fastest software to compute Petri net invariants on multicores

chipbm: seam to pdf/djvu your good old stashes in ChiWriter format using this converter of ChiWriter .bin file, containing bit-image print codes Epson Esc/P, into a black-white bitmap (an example of obtained file)

Recent software put on GitHub (generators of Petri net models, synthesis of fuzzy logic functions)

Implementation of E6 stack via Linux sockets

Kit of networks' models in CPN Tools: Ethernet, IP, MPLS, Bluetooth, PBB, E6

Brief description

CPN Tools site

Kit of Petri net models in Tina: networking protocols TCP, IOTP, BGP; square grids and hypercube; arithmetic operations

Brief description

Tina site

Research software

Deborah - program for the decomposition of Petri net into functional subnets.

Command line tool. Input text file describes a source Petri net. Output files contain descriptions of subnets. Large scale nets may be processed. Source net is devided into the set of its minimal functional subnets. Platforms: Unix, Windows, MS-DOS.

Deborah uses .net and .ndr formats of files accepted in system Tina.

Adriana - program for calculation of Petri net linear invariants in the process of composition of functional subnets.

Command line tool. Input text file describes a source Petri net. Output file containes basis invariants. Large scale nets may be processed. Invariants are calculated by Toudic's method with application of simultaneous or sequential composition of minimal functional subnets.. Platforms: Unix, Windows, MS-DOS.

Adriana uses .net and .ndr formats of files accepted in system Tina.

Above software was tested by Kamal Kant Gupta using his Collection of Petri Nets and generators of large-scale Petri Nets.

Enterprise software

Opera-Topaz - system of operative planning and management on the base of Petri net models

Opera is intended for automation of processes of operative planning and production managements on the basis of computer tools. Basic usage of system - management of industrial activity at the machine-building (electronic device building) enterprise. Application of system in other fields is possible where it is necessary to provide effective execution of complexes of the interconnected works on the limited resources. The model of object of management is represented by timed Petri net.

Nevod - system of modelling of processes and acceptance of decisions in CAM

Nevod is intended for maintenance of the automated and automatic acceptance of decisions in logic and organizational management systems.
The basis of architecture of system is made by the model of discrete parallel processes in the form of Petri net - the modern world-wide recognized mathematical tool.

Sergo - the editor of electric circuits of the power substations

Provides input, storage, updating and display of electric circuits of the power substations, it is intended for creation of directory system.
It is possible to use Sergo as the editor in the systems which are carrying out calculations under the electric circuits.

Tiny software

Petri - the elementary system for graphic input and editing of Petri nets, and also simulation of their dynamics

Scaler - the program for increasing in any number of times of the image transmitting in a graphic mode to the matrix printer

Gelio - the program for calculation of the increased risk days

Documentation : the user's Guide.
Some history: the Opera is whole epoch in my life. It was necessary to retire from world around, hardly finding not noisy places and to write, write, write... About 100000 lines of source text of C . Friends asked: - What are you busy with? I am writing an opera, - I answered.
And before it I spent several of months in a production-dispatching department of the Topaz plant, literally absorbing realities of management process in products manufacturing; also I debugged system there - on our department there was no personal computer for me. The system has two corner stones: the most up-to-date theory - Petri net on A.I.Sleptsov, management - canbam on Yasuhiro Monden, heuristics - on V.V.Shkurba and something else; and the second - practice on V.S.Bolgarov, by the way, this person has not late for a long time in chiefs of a department - he has left to the supreme echelons of power. It has occured later the Motorostroitel Corporation has got the Opera, but in those difficult postgraduate times the contract with the Topaz from convincing submission of the chief of the management information system department - not for kisses with them to work, - allowed to keep on legs firmly. The Opera was born in 1990.

Note: Topaz - the plant where "Kolchuga" is produced. Motorostroitel - the largest airplane motor building corporationa in Ukraine.

Documentation : the Description of application, the user's Guide.
Some history: Though the Opera is grandiose, but is too specialized, Petri is universal, but toy; for a long time I wanted to write universal modelling system with a wide set of service functions. There was no the one who would pay for it. . It hasnt been yet allowed to corporate with the Pentagon . And A.I.Sleptsov has found Minsk Woodprocessing Combine in the person of enthusiast Golenkevich, who wanted to solve with the help of Petri nets the real task of power protection management of the enterprise. And again from practice the necessary set of service functions has grown. Golenkevich came to us, drew his huge networks, started process of modelling, we added necessary code and corrected bugs. The Nevod was handed over in 1992, everybody was pleased.

Documentation : the Brief user's guide.
Some history: I was on first may 1991 at the mother-in-law and has gone on a local machine-building factory to offer the Opera; and here the impromptu was born - job for real alive money for real Sergov enterprises of power stations. The result should be presented by the end of holidays. Sources of my libraries have been transferred by bus, I made the project at night, programmed in the afternoon in empty department of the factory. Had time. By the end of May they have entered circuits of electro substations, I have added service and have removed bugs.

Some history: Anatoly Ilich Sleptsov, my supervisor of scientific studies, has told, that Petri nets are so good, that even the Pentagon began to use them for planning military operations, and with occurrence of personal computers the magnificent opportunity to draw them on the screen of the display has appeared instead of to enter as long heavy matrixes . It was 1987, and in the centre of retraining of teachers the first class of personal computers Jamaha has appeared. Occasionally for some hours it was possible to come there to develop the elementary modelling system. Soon the program allowed not only to draw nets but also to model their dynamics. Then we photographed networks from the screen of the computer for articles; funny. With occurrence of 1840 and Nejrons texts were rewritten for IBM-compatible architecture. And this process was financed by Korolyova Corporation for which computing structures of the task of distributing of printed-circuit-boards and crystals were modelled. Experience and wishes of those who worked with real models, were taken into account in later development which could be named as software systems, - the Opera and the Nevod.

Some history: Yes, the way to the protection of the dissertation was fascinating, as an exit on the glide path: in May I had reported at a seminar of V.I.Skurikhin, the text has written during the summer, till November it had been subtracted and corrected; in November I had passed the examination on speciality in council and - the protection in December. I have quickly cut out the author's abstract and has issued it. Now posters. I have bought even feathers for ink and felt-tip pens. I have drawn the first lines. Laziness! You see all this has been drawn already in figures in the texts prepared in ChiWriter . It is necessary to magnify only. And the width of the printer? Strips. To stick together from strips.
And at once I have run to the friend of the childhood Sergey Khrapko on his department - there was not my own computer near the hand. We have pulled out the documentation on the printer with graphics codes, have looked through, chatted and during the evening we have written the program which works. Then Sergey lead it up alone; I was on my glide path. On the protection anybody else except me had not the posters drawn on the printer. Notice, the program is virgin, as a new nucleus in RSX-11M; and innocence of it is deprived with the first computer on which it is started.

Some history: too fine early hand-made program without a service - have no been paid; but somewhere has seen the Chinese horoscope and have thought: and, may be it will be useful for somebody. Artur Rizhkov was the enthusiast of east single combats and all magic. He somewhere has dug out the ancient volume with calculation of days of the increased risk and thirsted to be enriched on a shaman field. This tiny program I have written hurriedly. Then he carried long lists of workers of motor-vehicle gerages and depot to prove to the heads, that failures occur in days of the increased risk. And then he has disappeared. An interesting history...

Note: the program documentation is submitted in MS-DOS coding and may be seen, for example, with the help of an environment Far . Code conversion makes unreadable pseudographics symbols.
Dmitry A. Zaitsev .