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Dmitry A. Zaitsev

Dr.Sci., Professor
Senior Member of ACM and IEEE

Odessa State Environmental University, Ukraine

Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany

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Invited talk to RP'2023 on Oct 10-13, 2023: Sleptsov Net Computing Resolves Modern Supercomputing Problems , based on SNC references

Open access paper published: Verification of cryptocurrency consensus protocols: reenterable colored Petri net model design


Principal Theoretical Results

Principal Scientific-Practical Results

  • ParAd - software system for solving big sparse Diophantine systems on parallel and distributed architecture via clan composition
  • Plug-in modules for Petri net modelling system Tina: Deborah - decomposition into clans, Adriana and ParAd - compositional computing Petri net invariants
  • Petri net models of networking protocols:TCP, BGP, IOTP, ECMA
  • Software generators of Petri net models of grids: square, hypercube, hypertorus
  • Colored Petri net models of networks: Ethernet, IP, MPLS, Bluetooth, PBB, E6, blockchain
  • Stack of networking protocols E6 and its implementation in Linux kernel
  • Software systems: Opera-Topaz - Petri net based production control and management system; Nevod, Nevod - Petri net modeling system for embedded applications; Sergo - editor of electrical circuits; Cross-meta-assembler - cross platform adjustable assembler
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    "Petri nets are among the more interesting constructs in mathematics. I have used them in the analysis of program flow and Dmitri Zaitsev's book explores other properties of these unique and powerful constructs." Vinton Cerf - Father of Internet, President of ACM, Chief Internet Evangelist of Google

    Dmitry A. Zaitsev