Nikolay D. Zaitsev - Santa Lucia

"Petri nets are among the more interesting constructs in mathematics. I have used them in the analysis of program flow and
Dmitri Zaitsev's book explores other properties of these unique and powerful constructs."
Vinton Cerf - President of ACM, Chief Internet Evangelist of Google,

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Dmitry A. Zaitsev

Dr.Sci., Professor
Senior Member of ACM and IEEE

International Humanitarian University

Vistula University


Nov 21, 2017: Zaitsev D.A. "A generalized neighborhood for cellular automata" on PlumX Metrics Top Social Media Articles

Oct 11, 2017: Invited lecture at New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark - "Infinite Petri Nets" (Video, Slides)

Oct 10, 2017: Invited lecture at Stony Brook University, New York - "Sleptsov Net Computing" (Video, Slides)


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Dmitry A. Zaitsev .