Nikolay D. Zaitsev - Santa Lucia

"Petri nets are among the more interesting constructs in mathematics. I have used them in the analysis of program flow and
Dmitri Zaitsev's book explores other properties of these unique and powerful constructs."
Vinton Cerf - President of ACM, Chief Internet Evangelist of Google,

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Dmitry A. Zaitsev

Dr.Sci., Professor
Senior Member of ACM and IEEE

International Humanitarian University

Vistula University


ParTou - the fastest tool to compute Petri net linear invariants on multicore architectures

Zaitsev D.A. "A generalized neighborhood for cellular automata" on PlumX Metrics Top Social Media Articles

Invited lecture at New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark - "Infinite Petri Nets" (Video, Slides)

Invited lecture at Stony Brook University, New York - "Sleptsov Net Computing" (Video, Slides)


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Dmitry A. Zaitsev .