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31.03.17: "Sleptsov net Computing" chapter (672) is to appear in Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Fourth Edition, USA

23.02.17: A keynote talk "Universal Petri and Sleptsov Nets" to ISC'2017, 15th Annual Industrial Simulation Conference, May 31-June 2, 2017, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland

14.02.17: Entered the Computer Science Laboratory (LCCOMP), Mexico City

27.01.17: A talk: "Universal Petri and Sleptsov Nets", Fakultat fur Informatik, Technische Universitat Munchen

20.01.17: JCR paper, Taylor&Francis: Universal Sleptsov Net

07.12.16: GitHub: Synthesis of fuzzy logic functions given by a choice table

22.11.16: JCR paper, Elsevier: A generalized neighborhood for cellular automata Белорусский электронный центр «Наука» (репост с переводом на русский)
27.09.16: Selfie with a view on “Cybernetics and Systems Analysis” (Repost on: ACM News)

17.06.16: JCR paper, Springer: Security of grid structures under disguised traffic attacks

16.06.16: GitHub: depn new release contains depnz to generate nets which are Busy Beavers for Petri nets

03.06.16: GitHub: Generator of Petri nets which count double exponent 2^2^k after R.J.Lipton & J.Esparza constructs

02.06.16: Model Checking Contest, «Surprise» Models for 2016: HypertorusGrid and TCPcondis

28.05.16: arXiv: k-neighborhood for Cellular Automata

06.04.16: JCR paper: Programming in the Sleptsov net language for systems control

25.03.16: SETCAC2016: Keynote Speakers ЯрГУ: Недавние публикации профессора Зайцева в ведущих мировых изданиях на английском языке содержат ряд интересных результатов

18.02.16: VU: The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences Accepts Professor Dmitry Zaitsev's New Integer Sequence

17.02.16: IGI-Global: The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences Accepts Professor Dmitry Zaitsev's New Integer Sequence

12.02.16: JCR paper: Sequential composition of linear systems’ clans

28.01.16: Github: Generators of Petri net models of a square grid with the following edge conditions: open edges, plugs on edges, truncated devices on edges, respectively

24.12.15: OEIS A266213: Square array A(n,r), the number of neighbors at a sharp Manhattan distance r in a finite n-hypercube lattice, read by upwards antidiagonals

30.11.15: OEIS A265014: Triangle read by rows: T(n,k) = number of neighbors in n-dimensional lattice for generalized neighborhood given with parameter k

20.11.15: NCNR seminar: Modeling systems with infinite Petri and Sleptsov Nets

12.11.15: Github: Generators of canvas for Petri net models of hypertorus (hypercube) grid with Moore's, von-Neumann's, and generalized neighborhoods

09.09.15: Presentation at 7th Conference on Machines, Computations and Universality MCU2015

30.08.15: LNCS: Universality in Infinite Petri Nets

01.08.15: IGI-Global video-lectire: Petri Nets for Modeling and Computing

28.07.15: TUD seminar: Petri Nets for Manufacture, Networking, and Computing

24.07.15: Github: Generator of hypertorus Petri net models

01.07.15: JCR paper: Sleptsov Nets Run Fast

08.06.15: Presentation at 21st International Workshop on Cellular Automata and Discrete Complex Systems AUTOMATA2016

Dmitry A. Zaitsev Дмитрий А. Зайцев